WATCH: NYPD Pulls People With Kids Over To Give Them Presents

The greatest police force in the world, bar none.
This Christmas, the NYPD showed just how great they really are. The men in blue have caught some unwarranted heat the last couple years, and it’s videos like these that remind you that the policemen of this country are some of the best human beings we have.
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On Christmas Eve, Neighborhood Coordination Officers Salley and Colon of the 47 Precinct decided to brighten up the day for a few Bronx residents. They filled up the back of their car with toys for girls and boys, and went out to deliver them in an unconventional method. The Officers waited till they saw cars with children, pulled the drivers over and delivered gifts to the delighted kids and the surprised parents.
“We just wanted to make some people smile, see if we can brighten their day,” said Officer Salley. “This means a lot to me to be able to do that, since I grew up in this neighborhood.”
All the feels, yo. Merry Christmas NYPD, and thank you.

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