Avery Brewing Company Raja's is What's on Tap!

Though I am a huge IPA lover, and generally, the more bitter and hoppier the craft beer is the better, I must admit I am becoming a soured on the current IPA trend. Huge lasting bitterness does not always translate into a good beer and just because it says “IPA” does not always means the beer is worth buying. With that skepticism in mind I recently tried this weekend’s double IPA and immediately enjoyed everything about it. This weekend, Avery Brewing Company’s Raja is What’s on Tap!
Because Raja’s 8% ABV is on the lower end for a double (Imperial) IPA I was concerned everything else about the beer would be over dramatized. However, I found this brew very enjoyable. On the nose there is a nice hoppy resiny aroma that is paired with a nice combination of floral and citrus. The taste echoes the beer’s aroma – one the front you are hit with the hoppiness, the middle is full of the fruit – mostly tropical grapefruit especially – and then there is a bit of maltiness to the finish; which for a Double IPA is welcomed so keep the bitterness at bay.
In a current beer culture of all IPAs all the time it can be difficult for an IPA, especially a double, to not only stand out but also to satisfy; this is where Raja champions. All of the goodness that DIPAs should have but also well balanced and a beer that one can enjoy time and time again. Raja is a beer that can certainly standalone but it can also be paired with spicier dishes – think Indian!
Beer Stats
Style: American Imperial/Double IPA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 8%
IBUs: 70
Color: Cloudy Yellowish / Golden

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 92 and —
Rate Beer: 98

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