Festivus Memes: Funny Photos, Jokes & Best Images

festivus memes

Some people celebrate Christmas and some people celebrate Hannukah–but for the rest of us, there’s Festivus. Before the holiday was ever made popular on Seinfeld, one of the writers of the show actually used to practice it. That man’s name is Dan O’Keefe and his family must have been weird as hell. Here’s a description of its inception from Wikipedia:

Festivus was conceived by editor and author Daniel O’Keefe and was celebrated by his family as early as 1966. In the original O’Keefe tradition, the holiday would take place in response to family tension, “any time from December to May”. The phrase, “a Festivus for the rest of us”, also derived from an O’Keefe family event, the death of Daniel O’Keefe’s mother.

But anyways, we digress.
Ever year Festivus, falls on December 23rd. It serves a couple of purposes (most importantly the airing of grievances and celebrating “Festivus Miracles”) but now it seems like the best part is that we’re once again reminded about how great Seinfeld actually was.
To celebrate the show and the day, we made a meme gallery we’re hoping our Seinfeld fans can appreciate.

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