Odell Beckham Jr Suspension For Josh Norman Hit

The NFL has given Odell Beckham Jr. a one game suspension for using his own helmet to target Josh Norman’s helmet during last night’s Giants vs. Panthers game. You can watch a replay of the childish and dangerous play below.
As you can see, these dangerous antics occurred in the third quarter when the Giants were down 35-7. But because the referees somehow skipped out on ejecting OBJ, the Pro Bowl WR stayed in the game and eventually caught a game-tying TD pass. The Giants would eventually lose by a FG, but still–the refs messed this one up big time.
In a time when the NFL has to be more careful about hits to the head than ever before, how can they miss something that blatant and dangerous? Are they trying to promote Will Smith’s injury?

Odell Beckham Jr. Suspension

You didn’t need a perfect Wonderlic score to predict that OBJ was getting a suspension. As stated above, his suspension will be for one game. He will not play during the NY Giants home game against the Minnesota Vikings.

We’re also expecting some sort of fine to come out of this.
The suspension would hurt the Giants because he’s easily their most explosive offensive player, and they need to win the rest of their games to possibly make the Playoffs. The NFL will also lose out since they decided to flex the upcoming Giants vs. Vikings to the primetime slot. Now that OBJ will be absent from the roster, you can bet that less people will be watching.
That’s another reason that the NFL will be kicking itself for not properly punishing OBJ for his dirty hit.

Odell Beckham Jr. Previous Fines

This isn’t the first time that OBJ has been involved in behavior warranting punishment. Earlier this season he was fined $8,681 for punching Bills safety Duke Williams or lineback Preston Brown, both of whom accused OBJ of after-the-whistle dirty plays.

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