Top 50 Most Popular Women On The Web (According To Google) 2015

Most Popular Women 2015

Since 2010, we’ve compiled our list of “The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web (According To Google)— and in that short time, it has become the definitive end-of-year list for determining which women racked up the most search results and earned the title “Queen of the Internet.

Our “50 Most Popular Women on the Web” is our favorite annual end-of-the-year tradition here at COED. Not only does it provide the definitive answer to which female has garnered the most Google results, it gives us a great opportunity to wrap up a year of crazy entertainment and celebrity news.

The 2015 list, like the year itself, was full of surprises. For example, a porn star ranks higher than Lady GaGa. And, apparently people are still searching for Amber Rose.

Pop stars lined the list, up and down, which makes sense because not only are they celebrities, but they actually, ya know, do something, as opposed to the Kardashians, who are still famous for doing nothing. Not only are the Kardashians obnoxiously all over this list, but 5 of them are in the top 20. Literally the only Kardashian not on this list is Kris Jenner. Luckily though, the likes of Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, and Jennifer Lawrence round out the list quite nicely.

2015 was great, but I think 2016 needs to be the year we take down the Kardashians, once and for all. #DownWithTheKardashians2016

How the List Was Compiled:

So how did we come up with The Most Popular Women On The Web (According To Google) 2015? Simple. Our editors came up with a massive list of over 1000 female actresses, politicians, singers, public figures and newsworthy women.

We then entered each name into Google Keyword Planner for the date range January 2015 thru November 2015 (December data is not available until January and added the average monthly search volume for each month and ranked them accordingly.)



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