Steve Sarkisian Lawsuit: Must See Info & Details

Steve Sarkisian, the former head coach of the USC Trojans football team, is suing USC for $30 million, TMZ Sports is reporting.
Just earlier this Friday, a healthy-looking Steve gave TMZ an interview that explained he was still rooting for USC in the Pac-12 Championship despite the fact that he had been fired on October 12th after it was learned that he had continued to let drinking affect his ability to act as head coach.
He was expected to spend 30 days in a rehab facility to help him beat his addiction.

But now that attitude seems to have shifted greatly after we learned that he’s suing USC. Steve’s argument is that alcoholism is a disability and that firing someone for a disability is illegal. Steve believes that USC should have allowed him to seek treatment, rather than firing him outright.
The story is still updating, but we did find this Tweet from Mike Loewinsohn, son of lawyer Alan Loewinsohn who alleges that his father is representing Steve.
Either Alan Loewinsohn or someone else from Steve’s camp had this to say about the lawsuit.

“Alcoholism is a recognized disability under California law. So firing somebody because of that disability is against the law.”

We’ll be covering this story until its completion, so keep checking back for updates.

Severed Pig's Head Left in University of Western Australia Mosque
Severed Pig's Head Left in University of Western Australia Mosque
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