WATCH: USC Coach Steve Sarkisian Drunk Onstage Video

USC Coach Steve Sarkisian was onstage during his Salute to Troy speech, a booster event held at the Colliseum, this past weekend.
According to witnesses, the football coach was ripping Fireball shots and yelling profanities until he was pulled offstage by Athletic Director Pat Haden. He managed to get in more than a few jokes at the expense of Oregon, Notre Dame, and other schools before that happened though.
Update: Steve Sarkisian will be stepping down from his role as head coach this year to address his substance abuse issues.

Some witnesses are saying that he was also making dildo jokes in mixed company. Gotta love this guy.
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Steve apologized sincerely for the embarrassment he caused himself and the school:
Sarkisian: “I sincerely apologize to my players and staff and to our fans for my behavior and my inappropriate language at our kickoff event Saturday night. I have a responsibility to all of them and I let them down. Pat Haden talked to me after the event about my actions and I assured him this will not happen again.”
Here’s what Athletic Director Pat Haden had to say about the ordeal:
Haden: “I met with Coach Sarkisian and I expressed my disappointment in the way he represented himself and the University at our Salute To Troy event. While the details of our conversation will remain between us, I am confident he heard my message loud and clear.”
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