College Student Arrested For Passing Out In Class

How many of you have fallen asleep in class before? Probably 98% of you. It’s pretty much a given that you’ll eventually pass out for at least one lecture. Especially if it’s at 6:30 PM. And what’s the worst punishment you could get? Probably a teacher calling your name and having everyone laughing at you. Big deal.

But if your name is Michael Trump and you attend the College of Marin, embarrassment is the least of your concerns. See, Michael was arrested for taking a nap and taken to jail. How is that even possible? Read the full story here:

The incident occurred at about 6:30 p.m. after authorities received an anonymous tip about a student who was apparently passed out drunk in class at the Science, Math, Nursing Building. The instructor tried to rouse the student and could not.

Campus police arrived and identified the student as Trump, a former student member of the Board of Trustees and elected officer of the Associated Students of College of Marin.
Campus police removed Trump from class, detained him and searched his backpack. The backpack contained a bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Police conducted a breath test on Trump and got a blood-alcohol reading of .23 percent, which, had he been driving, would be more than three times the legal limit of .08 percent.

I don’t think anyone will argue that it’s necessarily a good idea to show up to class drunk with a bottle of booze stashed in your backpack (even if you are 21+), but the fact that this is an arrestable offense is absurd. Let’s look at the facts:

• August 31st was a Monday. That’s a summertime Monday in California. If you don’t think Michael was trying to squeeze out the last days of summer, you’re crazy.

• The class was at 6:30 PM. Anyone who’s ever taken evening classes knows these suck big time.

• IT’S A COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Not trying to knock community colleges because I know they’re great for many reasons, but you can’t tell me that Michael is the first person to show up drunk on campus at a community college. C’mon.

All that being said, maybe Michael needs to take another look at our drinking in class guide.

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