Burger King is Going to Start Selling Booze, But There’s a Very Upsetting Catch…


Burger King Beer
Our day was made when we found out that Burger King was going to start selling booze. Sipping on a beer while devouring a Whopper and fries sounds like the greatest thing in the world. HAS SOMEONE FINALLY BEEN LISTENING TO OUR PRAYERS?

That answer was quickly answered when we found out the catch – it’s only going to be served in the UK.

WHY?! Lucky English bastards.

According to Metro, “Burger King has just won a drinks licence for its restaurant in Bury St Edmunds (where else?), and has applied for three more at its Newcastle-under-Lyme, Blackpool and Hull branches.” [sic]

A few restrictions do apply – the fast food restaurant agreed to serve only one beer per adult, not serve after 9pm, and will prohibit patrons from drinking outside of the restaurant – but other than that, things are fair game!

Naturally, people are pretty damn excited about it:

A happy time indeed. Now, who’s going to let us crash on their couch?

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