Man Invents Ketchup Slices, Proving The Future Is Now

Ernesto Uchimura, a chef at LA restaurant Plan Check, has created the greatest invention ever: ketchup slices. Also known as “Ketchup Leather” (a much less appetizing sounding word) these squares are designed to be placed on a hot burger and melting onto the bun.

Metro explains that “He invented the square of hard ketchup, which melts upon contact with a hot juicy burger, because he was fed up of too much sauce making his buns soggy.” Whereas we just ate our burgers quickly to avoid the problem altogether, we can appreciate Ernesto going the extra mile.

The process of creating the ketchup slices (I refuse to call it “ketchup leather” is actually very simple. Ernesto simply dehydrates the ketchup which allows it to then became a cheese-like substance.

I’m a ketchup addict–let’s just get that out of the way. So that I wasn’t the person to think of inventing ketchup slices is going to haunt me forever. Just imagining watching ketchup melt onto a burger is getting my mouth watery.

Ketchup slice melting

This is the kind of stuff that makes me happy I’m living in the future.

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