Bell’s Brewery Expedition Stout is What's on Tap!

Welcoming the cold weather of winter brings the welcome of dark craft beers. Browns, Ambers, Porters, and my favorite, Stouts! This weekend I am drinking a 2015 release of one of the smoothest, tastiest stouts, not to mention one of the first of its style, on the market. This weekend Bell’s Brewery Expedition Stout is What’s on Tap!
In my experience and research, and by experience I mean drinking at bars and by research I mean eavesdropping and talking to other barflies, many people stay away from dark beers because “they are too heavy.” I honestly do not know where this idea came from because many dark beers have a lower ABV than other styles and many are very smooth. Yes, there are some, like this weekend’s beer, that are higher in alcohol but that does not take away from the beer’s drinkability. Though higher in ABV Expedition Stout is a wonderfully full beer that is as complex as it is delicious.
Expedition is a true Russian Imperial Stout, meaning the ABV is high (10.5), it contains huge roasted malt characteristics – both in its aroma and taste – and there is a subtle sweetness to it; which comes from the dark fruits but I am getting a lot of chocolate! Along with the coco flavors I am also enjoying the roasted and coffee notes to this beer. As with many stouts each sip brings out a different flavor from the brew.
I love using stouts to marinate beef and pork in. The full and complex flavors work really well with many dishes; they are also great for stews and heartier meals. But for Thanksgiving, I enjoy them as an after dinner beer; before going to the hard stuff!
Beer Stats

Style: Russian Imperial Stout
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 10.5%
Color: Black

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: 94 and 98
Rate Beer: 100!

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