WATCH: British Man Records Himself Dumping Cheating Girlfriend

Man Dumps Cheating Girlfriend

Sadly, this English man learned that his fiancee was cheating on him when he came across some promiscuous text messages sent to another man. But rather than simply calling off his engagement with his fiancee, this bloke chose the long con to embarrass and shame her on a YouTube video.

Truthfully there wasn’t a big ah-ha moment anywhere within the 15+ minutes, but it does go to show you the kind of length that people go through when their hearts get broken.

Did you watch it? Kind of a letdown, right?

But that’s kind of what I want to talk about. Despite the comments on the video and Reddit praising the man, I’m a firm believer that┬áthis video really isn’t all that entertaining or┬ávengeful. In fact, I think it makes the guy look worse than the cheating fiancee. He’s the one whose face is all over the clip. All you see of her is just a long distance, poorly-lit moment.

So if you get some bad news that a stupid girl is cheating on you, don’t try and make something go viral. Simply pack it up and go your separate ways. You know what the best revenge is? Success.

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