Washington College Shuts Down For Ten Days While Police Search For Student

Washington College, the Maryland school we told you had shut down for consecutive days while police search for a missing student believed to be armed, has just announced they will remain closed for another ten days. The school has asked students not to return to campus until it reopens on November 29th.
Jacob is wanted “on four charges that include possession of a dangerous weapon on school property, possession of a handgun, minor in possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition [source].”

The school made the announcement on their Facebook page, which you can read below:

Following the difficult events of the past few days, Washington College will be canceling classes this week and the week of Thanksgiving Break. Based on our continuing consultations with law enforcement, we anticipate that classes will resume on Monday, November 30th. The college campus will re-open on Sunday, November 29th. Students should plan on returning to campus on that day.
While classes are canceled until November 30th, students should be alert to email communications from their professors with instructions pertaining to continued progress in their courses.
All residential students have either returned home or been taken in by members of the campus and Chestertown community. We are deeply grateful to the faculty, staff, and residents of Chestertown for opening their homes and their hearts to dozens of our students.
We will continue to update the Washington College community with information as it becomes available.
Sheila C. Bair

Washington College school officials have been the first to say that there are no direct threats to Washington College students, faculty, or the campus but that hasn’t stopped them from being extra careful about protecting those under their charge.
This morning, the President of the school also wrote this open letter to Jacob, asking the student to come back home:

Jacob: We know these past few days must have been extremely stressful for you. We’re asking you to contact your parents and let them know that you’re safe. Your family misses you. Your friends in the Washington College community are worried about you and want to see you home safe and sound.
Please get in touch with them.

We’re hoping that Jacob is just taking some time to decompress before he turns himself into the police

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