Washington College Closed After Gun Threat, Administrators Demand Students to "Shelter in Place"

Washington College in Maryland is currently shut down after a shooting threat made earlier today.
“College closed. Shelter in place,” was posted on the liberal arts school’s website earlier this morning.
Shortly after 7:30 a.m., the college elaborated,

We received notification early this morning from the parents of sophomore Jacob Marberger that he had returned home and retrieved a firearm. The parents have not been able to reach him and do not know where he is or where is he is headed.

Due to an abundance of caution the college has decided to close campus for the time being and asks all students and staff on campus to shelter in place. Anyone off campus should stay away from campus until further notice.

Public Safety has requested and received support from local law enforcement who are now on campus. A sweep of the parking lots and campus buildings is being conducted.

Maryland State Police say there is no active threat, but an investigation is currently underway and the school is on lockdown until further notice. Marberger has since been deemed a missing person by police.
Administrators believe Marberger is still in Pennsylvania, but has asked students and faculty on campus to shelter in place, while anyone not there to steer clear of the school.
According to the school’s student newspaper, The Elm, caution sparked after several anonymous threats were made on Yik Yak.

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