Did Two Texas ZBT Pledges Get Caught Napping On The Roof?

The University of Texas Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house made our list of “Best Southern Fraternity Houses” at #20, but had we known about their comfortable roof we might have bumped them up a few spots.

Unfortunately we learned about ZBT’s upper amenity a little bit too late. Just this past weekend someone Tweeted out a couple of photos of two individuals who snuck out to the roof to take a little nap.
We’re sure that the timing of these pictures has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that “hell week” has started, right? The problem is that Texas’ Dean of Students is looking into the allegations. UT spokesman J.B. Bird said,  “There was an anonymous tip sent to UTPD today alleging an incident of hazing related to a photo of two people on the roof of the ZBT frat house,” Bird said. “[The Dean of Students Office] began looking into it as soon as they received the allegation.”

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