Pot-Smoking Millennials Get Laid Better & More Often, According to New Study

It’s been a great week for pot heads, with the announcement of Snoop Dogg’s latest career endeavor – a new marijuana brand called Leafs By Snoop – and now this, a new study that states that millennials who smoke weed are getting laid more often than those who don’t.
Is there any better news you’d want to hear? Besides like, “here have this bag for free?” No.
Centering around 500,117 18- to 34-year-olds and carried out by SKYN condoms, the study found that weed not only enhances sex drive, but it also makes for a hotter sex life.
Just over 14% of participants stated that people who smoke weed every day get it on several times a day, as opposed to the 5% who reported the same thing but didn’t smoke.
The study also found that daily smokers had more sexual partners and one night stands, with 37% of participants saying that they had 15 or more partners. 14% of those who didn’t smoke said they had similar track records. The pothead wins out again!
While the study also showed that high levels of cannabis could cause erectile dysfunction – similar to the effects of alcohol – 59% of those surveyed reported having amazing sex all of the time, despite their love for the bud. Only 41% of nonsmokers said the same.
So what’s the moral of this story? Smoke up, ya square!

[H/T: Metro]

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