How To Smoke Weed In Your Dorm Without Getting Caught

If you’re a weed smoker, you’ve no doubt realized that drinkers and cocaine users can get away with a lot more than you. That’s because unlike marijuana, alcohol and other drugs don’t smell through doors or windows. Is it unfair? Absolutely–but if you’re armed with the right tools, tricks, and knowledge you should have no problem staying out of trouble.
Remember: The less odor you make, the less odor you need to cover up. The less odor you need to cover up, the less odor that stays in your room. The less odor that stays in your room, the less trouble you’ll have with RAs.

Tips and Tricks:

• Smoking outdoors is ideal. You’re trapped in your dorm room if it hits the fan.
• Limit the number of people smoking in your room at one time.
• Air flow can be either your friend or your enemy. Open your windows and see which way the air flows. If it’s flowing out your window, that’s good. If it’s flowing out your door, that’s bad. Put a towel under your door and reposition your fan out the window to promote the air flow out of your window.
• Exhale as little smoke as possible inside your dorm room. Obviously you’re going to have to breathe out but there are a few ways you can around that (see gallery below).
• Keep your weed stash sealed and out of sight when you’re smoking. Only pull out what you need and put the rest back in your stash spot.
• Never ever keep a scale in your room for any reason. Campus security will put the weed and the scale together and think you’re a dealer.
• Never smoke joints or blunts in your room.
• Cover the bowl or piece when you’re done using it to limit the amount of smoke in the air.


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