Escaped Idaho Inmate Lands Back in Jail For Dumbest Reason Ever

Fugitive Nicholas Grove is definitely far from brilliant. Besides the whole, I-escaped-from-prison thing, Grove is actually a complete moron.
After being on the run for a year, escaped inmate Nicholas Grove was finally taken back into custody on Friday after his social media posts helped police track him down.
Police and U.S. Marshals told Fox40 that Grove’s Facebook posts included not only numerous selfies, but where he was staying in Cancun, Mexico. WTF?! Nicholas Grove, you are incredibly bad at being on the run!
“I’ve had more help from total strangers than any of my ‘friends’ or family,'” Grove wrote on Facebook following his escape, which he accomplished by scaling the razor wire fence at the Idaho jail he was imprisoned at.
He was initially jailed for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of burglary tools, and an invalid license.
While this is probably the last post you should write directly after being deemed an escaped convict, things clearly got worse when Grove was telling social media where he was staying.
“Social media certainly played a role originally because this certain individual bragged about his escape on Facebook,” U.S. Marshal Brian Underwood explained.
Moronic tendencies also played a huge role. Couldn’t have caught him without that!

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