Harvard University Kicks Off 'Sex Week' With Lessons on How To Get Down & Dirty

Whoever said a bunch of terrifyingly smart kids didn’t have a whole lot of freak in them was waaaaay wrong.
Harvard University will soon kick off their annual Sex Week on November 8th, giving thorough workshops to students on how to navigate sex, including bondage, sadomasochism, and various erotic toys.
Yes, this is happening at Harvard – the school you never thought people actually got laid at. Turns out they aren’t just getting laid more than you, they’re also flogging eager participants more than you are.
According to their site, workshops are “dedicated to empowering the Harvard community to explore their experiences with love and sex by providing comprehensive programming addressing a wide range of issue relating to sex, relationships, dating, sexual health, and sexuality.”
More than 13,000 condoms and 12,000 bottles of lube are distributed throughout the week. Holy hell.
One class – deemed “Work Hard, F*ck Hard: The Guide to BDSM in the College Dorm Room” – is set to give an adequate explanation on how to go bondage when you’re totally clueless/only education you have on the subject is from E.L. James: “Want to get kinky in the bedroom but don’t know how to bring it up? Disappointed by Fifty Shades of Grey but not sure what BDSM is really all about? Join us for a discussion on what it’s like to be part of the BDSM scene, as well as some cool demonstrations with whips, floggers, and more!”
And more??!?!?! What are they going to do, get some consenting students up there for a live demo?! CAN WE GO?!
Harvard we take back everything we ever said about you – you f*cking rock.

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