WATCH: William Allen HS Students Attack Police Officers In Massive Fight

Yesterday a fight at William Allen high school in Pennsylvania got way out of hand, and four Allentown police officers were injured. Dozens of teens were arrested.

As many as 200 youths gathered about 3 p.m. at intersections two to five blocks from the school, most of them watching while several others threw punches, police Assistant Chief Bill Lake said.
“The large groups split up into several different groups,” Lake said. “Officers found themselves responding to several areas.” As officers tried to pull the fighters apart, some of the boys and girls turned on the officers, he said. [source]

In the fight video recorded here by a student, you can clearly see a female police officer getting punched on the ground. According to the person who uploaded it, people are harassing him and asking him to remove the video.

It’s already obvious that kids aren’t the most respectful people in the world, but it’s crazy to us that students would just sit around and let their friend beat on a officer of the law. Safe bet that the girl who’s punching a cop on the ground is going to be spending a lonnnng time in jail and deservedly so.

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