Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth 2024: How Much Is DiCaprio Worth Now

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best-known actors known to man. In every movie he appears, he somehow always manages to slay the game. Usually playing the role of the ‘love to hate him, hate to love him’ character (i.e. Jordan Belfort, Jay Gatsby, Romeo, ect.), it’s all a mystery as to how it took so long for the legendary DiCaprio to win an Oscar.
Though he did not always have a shiny, gold trophy in hand, he does have more money than anyone could probably spend in a lifetime.

Leo DiCaprio’s Net Worth as of 2019: $250 million

Take a look at DiCaprio’s most highlighted successes through the years to see how he ended up rolling in all of this dough…

1990 – 1995

At age 14, Leo began his television appearance through Matchbox car ads. His obvious love for the camera eventually allowed him to score his first big film debut for the horror flick, Critters 3. Shortly after that, he appeared on the ABC sitcom, Growing Pains. However, in 1992, DiCaprio was hand picked by Robert De Niro to play the lead role on the film, This Boy’s Life, which made $4 million in the box office.
In ’93, he appeared again in a film entitled What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, co-starring with Johnny Depp. The film was a success, making $9 million in the box office that year. This film was the first to get Leo nominated for a Golden Globe and Academy Award.
He also received great praise for the films Total Eclipse and The Basketball Diaries, both of which were released in 1995.

1996 – 2001

A film which many of us may have been forced to watch in our 8th-grade English class was the infamous Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, which young Leo starred in. The movie grossed $147.5 million worldwide, and obviously gave Leo the edge he needed to enter the big leagues.
In 1997, DiCaprio played one of the main roles of Jack Dawson in the popular film, Titanic. This film made him a true star after breaking box office records and being nominated for multiple awards.
He took on other less famed films between ’97 and 2001, such as The Man with the Iron Mask, Celebrity, and The Beach.

2002 – 2007

Directed by Steven Spielberg, DiCaprio appeared in the 2007 film Catch Me If You Can, which grossed $352 million worldwide. This film become the highest grossing film since Titanic.
His next big role was then in The Aviator, released in 2004. He won a Golden Globe Award for best actor and received another Academy Award nomination for his role.
In 2006, he played the roles of Billy in The Departed and Danny Archer in Blood Diamond, both of which also were very successful. Overall, another year of prosperity for Leonardo DiCaprio.

2008 – 2015

While 7 years might be quite the stretch of time, DiCaprio has not gone off the grid yet. Some of the films he did that are better known to most are Revolutionary Road, Shutter Island, Inception, J. Edgar, The Great Gadsby, and, a personal all-time favorite, The Wolf Of Wallstreet.
Almost all of his roles these films were extremely praised by critics, gaining him not only popularity but a higher face value as well. As he raked in the cash for his acclaimed performances, he also has dated models such as Gisele Bündchen and Erin Heatherton.
Obviously, Mr. Jordan Belfort’s and Jay Gatsby’s lifestyle must have really hit home for Leonardo DiCaprio, considering they’re all richer than you will ever be. I guess the only thing his money can’t buy is that Oscar, so we look forward to seeing if he’ll ever get one in the future.


This year DiCaprio finally won an Academy Award, a feat that seemed nearly impossible after so many nominations and losses. His role in The Revenant left not only the Academy stunned, but also earned a large audience response.
Leonardo DiCaprio did not just stick to gaining and winning this year, he also gave charitably in huge amounts. He met with the Pope early in the year and developed his passion for speaking on environmental issues even further.
That said, some things never change. DiCaprio is, as usual, dating a Victoria’s Secret model, his current girlfriend being Nina Agdal.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie ‘The Black Hand’, based on Stephen Talty’s book released with the same name in the year 2008 is to hit the theatre on 31st January 2018.


The release date of Leonardo DiCaprio’s next movie with Sony named Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been moved up to July 26, 2019.

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