Get A Jump Start On Halo 5 With These Campaign Tips and Tricks

Halo 5 releases this week and if we can give Xbox One owners one piece of advice: buy it.
The game itself is awesome and amazing, but one of the standout features of Halo 5 is the campaign mode AKA one of the most important parts of the game. In fact, we suggest you complete the campaign mode before you even play multiplayer.
We’ve done our best to avoid spoilers, so check out our pretty straightforward guide to Halo 5 campaign tips and tricks below.

Halo 5 Campaign Tips and Tricks

Learn to use alien weapons quickly as human ammo runs out quickly. We found that the Promethean weapons were overall better than Covenant technology.
Reload both weapons whenever you have a second (obvious but some people don’t know this).
When facing The Covenant, try and kill Grunts last as they’ll always retreat after they see their allies die on the battlefield.
Continue attacking the Promethean enemies after they flare up to finish them off quickly.
If you see a Gauss Cannon lying around, pick it up and use it! They are extremely powerful weapons and can defeat Promethean Knights easily.
When facing Hunters, defeat all the other enemies around you first. Then use your team to draw their fire (up directional button) and then attack the Hunters yourself. Your fire team won’t do the same amount of damage as you will.
Don’t bother melee attacking the Knights.
For the most part, don’t worry about dying too much. Your teammates will usually revive you, as long as you’ve helped them stay alive.

Halo 5 Hidden Special Weapons

Throughout the campaign, you’ll find special weapons hidden throughout the maps. Halo 5 is the most open-world game in the franchise, so we suggest exploring whenever possible–using your shoulder smash to break through some walls. Below you’ll find some videos explaining where to find some of these special weapons.

How to Find Blaze of Glory Shotgun

The Blaze of Glory is located in the second mission when you’re using Blue Team.


How to Find Loathsome Thing Shotgun

The Loathsome Thing is located in the first mission when you’re using Osiris.

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