Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta: Tips And Tricks

Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta is available for play for three weeks, from December 29th to January 18th. If you’ve got an Xbox One and the Master Chief Collection, do yourself a favor and download the beta now. It’s fantastic.

We’ve played well over twenty matches and have some great tips and tricks for you to employ in the next three weeks. Check out all of our Halo 5 tips and tricks below.

Halo 5 Stuck In Multiplayer Lobby Tip

If you’re stuck in the multiplayer lobby–which happens a good amount–the bad news is that the Beta version doesn’t have a “quit” option. So without this tip, previously you’d have start up another game from the dashboard to quit. This comes from Redditor /u/TheWaker.
If you’re playing in a party and you’re stuck in the lobby, simply snap the party app and “leave multiplayer.” You’ll be taken back to the menu, where you can start your party again.
If you’re playing solo, you won’t be allowed to leave a party. So what you need to do is invite someone, anyone, to a party. It doesn’t matter if they accept. Once you’ve done this, snap the party app and “leave multiplayer.”


Halo 5 Beta Multiplayer Gameplay Tips

• Unlike Call of Duty, you really shouldn’t aim down the sights in Halo 5. Once you fully embrace this, we promise your K/D will increase.
• Grenades are, like, mad powerful, yo. Use them.
• In Slayer mode, don’t try to take on teams individually. You will lose. Instead, stick with teammates or try and flank opposing players coming in at your team.


Halo 5 Beta Multiplayer Power Weapons Tips

• If you’re not good with the Sniper Rifle, leave it for someone who is.
• If someone’s approaching you with a sword, thrust backwards as you fire at them. You might survive.

 Halo 5 Beta Multiplayer Thrust Tips


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