New Movie Trailers: 'Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension' and More…

Halloween means another Paranormal Activity movie (before it meant another Saw movie)–and the new trailer for Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension sure looks like the movie was filmed in the dark. We had to brighten that image above considerably. Fortunately, it wasn’t a dark week for other first looks at upcoming films. Check out the sneak peeks that caught our eye and dragged it down the street…

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension

We don’t really have a problem with this series, since the second Paranormal Activity actually did a lot to make the first one an even better film. Now we have a new PA film that will supposedly wrap up the high concept of making really cheap movies that turn over hundreds of millions a dollars. Looks like they finally upped the special effects budget here–and maybe came up with a new Poltergeist that’s better than this summer’s Poltergeist remake…

Freaks of Nature [Red Band Trailer]

We’re pretty sure that this is a renamed Kitchen Sink, unless there were two movies being made about vampires and humans having to get along to battle zombies and aliens. Anyway, this red band trailer has plenty of gore and bad language to ensure that it’s NSFW. Also, we get Vanessa Hudgens, although her presence is fairly wholesome….

The Boy

And it’s yet more horror for the Halloween season–although we’re not really sure when The Boy is coming to theaters. We hope that it’ll get a shot at the big screen, though, since The Walking Dead‘s Lauren Cohan has the lead role of a nanny hired to look over a very creepy doll. We have a sinking feeling that we already know where the plot is going, but this (and Lauren) still seem compelling….

Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans

And we finally have a non-horror offering with a documentary about how movie star Steve McQueen terrified a film crew by being determined to make the ultimate racing film back in the ’70s. The renegade actor was determined to capture the need for speed that had him racing professionally as a side gig. (We saluted McQueen and his fellow vintage speed freaks “5 Racing Movies with Actors Who Really Raced.”) The result was Le Mans–a big mess of a movie that still makes a serious impact. It’s definitely a film worth revisiting to find out how the hell it was ever made…
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