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5 Racing Movies With Actors Who Really Raced


Will people be rushing to Rush over this weekend? It’s a pretty interesting film, and director Ron Howard turns the movie into a cool retro experience. Most of the film is set in 1976, so you get lots of cigarette smoking and sideburns and guys having casual sex with swinging stewardesses. Well, it’s mostly Chris Hemsworth having sex with swinging stewardesses. He could probably do that today, too–but Chris wouldn’t be able to enjoy a cigarette while making his move from his seat on the airplane.

But how did racing become such a wild time back in 1976? Well, it had a lot to do with movies that romanticized racecar drivers during the late ’60s and early ’70s. These were movies that starred actors who really loved racing, too. It’s nice that Leonardo DiCaprio flies around the world in his private jet to warn us about global warming. Back in the ’70s, however, famous actors who were real men spent their spare time burning up fossil fuels and risking their lives in the pursuit of speed. And they made movies about them that made racing super cool. Which inspired movies and directors like Ron Howard–whose feature-length directorial debut had him directing himself in the 1977 drive-in racing epic Grand Theft Auto.

Now check out these five films featuring actors who would’ve scoffed at the idea of using CGI to put them behind the wheel. Especially during the most dangerous scenes. And after you’ve checked out these manly men, feel free to enjoy 50 Foxy NASCAR Photos–of women who like men who like racing…

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