Southern Tier Brewing Company's Tangier Session IPA Is What's on Tap

After being waterlogged for the past 2 weeks, the sun is out and summer is making its last stand before giving way to Fall and Winter. And this weekend I am drinking a classic summer craft beer style in hopes of keeping the warm weather around for a bit longer. This weekend, Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Tangier is What’s on Tap!
Brewed in the same big and bold style as their fall favorites Pumpking and Warlock; Southern Tier’s Session IPA, Tangier, also falls in that same vein, big and bold. Released in 2015 this Session IPA is vastly different in its ABV which is considerably low at 4.6% from other Southern Tier standouts, IPA, 2XIPA, 2XMAS, and others but Tangier’s ABV is the perfect “session percentage.”
Tangier’s aroma is full of classic IPA notes, hops combined with a nice citrusy and floral mix. What I like most about Session IPAs is that their finish is clean and crisp but they retain the IPA flavors. Tangier’s taste follows suit with its aroma, hops, citrus (I get a lot of grapefruit, orange, and, of course, tangerine. The finish is crisp with no lasting bitterness; a great session IPA.
Hopefully the warm and sunny weather lasts throughout the weekend and Tangier can be enjoyed outside on a patio with something grilled. This weekend I am grilling some drumsticks that have been marinating in a homemade barbeque sauce that is not overly hot or sweet. The grill flavors from the chicken will balance Tangier’s flavors perfectly.
Beer Stats

Style: Session IPA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 4.6%
Color: Golden

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: 83 and —
Rate Beer: 86

SPAM is Available in Bite-Sized Snacks For Easier Regurgitation
SPAM is Available in Bite-Sized Snacks For Easier Regurgitation
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