Blotting Grease Off of Your Pizza Saves You Calories… But We Don’t Care

Is there anything better than a hot slice of pizza after a night of drinking? No – especially when you live in New York.

And is there anything more infuriating than those people who insist on ruining that perfect slice by angrily dabbing its cheesy cover with a napkin? No.

WTF is wrong with you?! Why ruin a good thing?! If you don’t want something greasy, you shouldn’t be eating this!

Anyway, a new study just came out that revealed if you are one of those awful people, you are actually making the pizza a bit healthier… or whatever. According to their findings, every time you blot a 324 calorie slice of pizza you are, on average, saving 40 calories. Is that worth ruining something golden?

Is nothing sacred?!!?

Check out their full findings below.

Pizza Calories

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