The Five Best GWU Bars In Washington DC

Living in DC isn’t the typical college experience, with there being an almost unlimited number of options available for when the mood to drink hits. Depending on which night of the week it is, and what mental state you’re in, there are several places in DC which have become GW favorites.

1. Madhatter

(1319 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036)

Located by Dupont Circle, Madhatter plays on the Alice and Wonderland theme. However, this is not why GW students know the bar. In fact, the most enticing aspect about the place is there Thursday night dollar beers. Being able to get a beer for less than $5 is a rarity in DC, so being able to get five for that same price is hard to say no to. The bar also serves “Hats”, which is essentially jungle juice in a large plastic hat. Despite the hangover the next day, it’s always a good time and definitely worth a try.

2. El Rey

(919 U St NW, Washington, DC 20001)

Right in the heart of everything on DC’s U Street corridor, El Rey is the perfect place to start or finish your night. With a huge patio in the back containing a room-long bar, it is always busy every Friday and Saturday. The atmosphere is more relaxed than other bars, but provides a great setting to talk to friends, or even make some new ones. Their margaritas are also a must try. The bar also has a kitchen which is open until the bar closes, which is great for picking up some drunk nachos for the way home.

3. The Brixton

(901 U St NW, Washington, DC 20001)

Just down the road from El Rey, The Brixton has pretty much everything you want in a night out. The first floor “British Pub” setting is pretty relaxed, with seating booths and a bar. The second floor lounge basically turns into a club every weekend, playing the perfect music for when the whiskey-gingers hit and you feel the need to dance. Finally, the roof deck is the ideal location to hangout, or fill up your drink from either of the two bars. This place is busy every weekend, and like I said, there is something for everyone here.

4. Chinese Disco

(3251 Prospect St NW, Georgetown, WA 20007)

A relatively new attraction for the likes of both GW and Georgetown students, Chinese Disco is the perfect place to go if you want something more lively than a bar, but less expensive that a club. A live DJ plays every Friday and Saturday, often accompanied by a live saxophone player, who plays music until the early hours. The bar also hosts numerous college and NFL football watching parties, and provides drinks deals during the games. All in all, Chinese Disco has definitely jumped onto the radar of GW students in the past few months.

5. Madam’s Organ

(2461 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009)

Madam’s Organ, which is located in DC’s Adams Morgan district (get it), plays live music seven nights a week, has a couple of pool tables, and has a roof deck with a Tiki bar. Definitely a more relaxed place than the others listed, but again is somewhere worth checking out. The bar has awesome drinks served out of mason jars, and the music is always on point. Another plus about this bar is that it is just a short walk from Jumbo slice pizza, which is where every night of drinking should end.

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