Flandreau South Dakota Marijuana Resort: Details & Information

The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe in South Dakota announced today they will be opening a marijuana resort that will legally sell weed to guests and allow them to consume it on property. [lead image via Shutterstock]
The South Dakota tribe already has a 120-room guest hotel and casino called the Royal River Entertainment Complex, but they’re claiming that come New Year’s Day a new “adult playground” where guests can buy grams from $11-15 will be opened. The space they’re using will be an older bowling alley.
The small tribe of 400 members is expecting to generate up to $2 million a month with the new project. Read that again: $2 million a month.

But that money’s not just coming from the sale of pot, the tribe will open a nightclub, arcade games, restaurant, and eventually, slot machines and an outdoor music venue.
The Santee Sioux Tribe actually legalized marijuana back in June after the US Justice Department allowed Native American tribes to grow and sell the plant under the same regulations as some states. Since then, the tribe has been growing weed in an enclosed greenhouse, using professionals from Colorado to help them learn how.

(Flandreau Greenhouse image via AP)

But don’t think that you can just show up at the doors of the Flandreau resort and start smoking massive blunts all over the place. Under the resort’s guidelines, guests will only be allowed to buy one gram at a time. Before buying another one, they must return the barcoded package it came in. This is to prevent losing the entire operation due to the fact that marijuana is still illegal under Federal Law.

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