TwitchCon 2015: Full Schedule, Press Conferences & Guests

TwitchCon 2015, a celebration of all things Twitch video streaming service, is set take place from September 25th-26th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This is the first ever TwitchCon ever and will bring together streaming video’s biggest names, producers, partners, and technologies. As YouTube Gaming enters the fold, Twitch is doing whatever they can to make sure customers stay loyal.

In addition to hosting over 40 panels and events, TwichCon will also allow streaming fans to meet and greet Twitch celebrities and streamers.
We’ve pulled together the full schedule of events, panels, and talks.

September 25 Schedule

10:00 AM- Sep 25
Broadcaster Pods 1
Broadcaster Content – DasValdez, GeezertheGozerian, PMS_UNFORGIVEN, SattelizerGames, SilentSentry
TwitchCon Keynote
TwitchCon Live

10:30 AM- Sep 25
Jotun Beta at the Indie Game Garage

11:00 AM- Sep 25
Meet and Greet 1
Meet and Greets – LIRIK, IAmSp00n, lolRenaynay, EatMyDiction1, GassyMexican, FaNg_I3aNGeR, ActaBunniFooFoo, AnneMunition, Anthony_Kongphan, Jacklifear
Gaming Lab: Guild Wars
Gaming Lab – CohhCarnage
Women in Esports
Panel – itsHafu, Kim Phan, Athena_PMS, Seltzer
IlyonTV Plays Choice Chamber at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Tiltify (Sponsor)
Blizzard Entertainment: StarCraft II
Panel – Blizzard Entertainment

11:15 AM- Sep 25
Earn Money with the Amazon Associates Program on Twitch
Education –
Just Shapes and Beats & Infernax at the Indie Game Garage

11:30 AM- Sep 25
Indie Games Panel – MANvsGAME, bisnap, Ryan_Clark, Proletariat_Inc, Phedran, Rami Ismail, Wertle, SlickEntertainmentInc, PowerUpAudio, Leth
Welcome to TwitchCon 2015!
TwitchCon Live

11:45 AM- Sep 25
Partner Spotlight: LetsGetLexi and Hunter Pence
TwitchCon Live – Hunter Pence, LetsGetLexi

12:00 PM- Sep 25
Your Brand on Twitch
Panel – Avalonstar, Shark, OMGElsie, allenhklee, PixelLumberjack
Broadcaster Pods 2
Broadcaster Content – nl_Kripp, AimostFamous, Loserfruit, Pokket, SnarfyBobo
Make your charity fundraising easier, faster & safer with Tiltify
Education – Tiltify (Sponsor)
PJSaltan of Stream III
TwitchCon Live – summit1g, Ezekiel_III, GoldGlove, iijeriichoii, itmeJP, Ms_Vixen, FuturemanGaming
Docgotgame Plays Guild Wars 2 at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Docgotgame, Tiltify (Sponsor)
Call of Champions at the Indie Game Garage

12:15 PM- Sep 25
Meet and Greet 2
Meet and Greets – InTheLittleWood, SethBling, Sevadus, CaptainSparklez, iijeriichoii, OMGitsfirefoxx, Aureylian, EddieRuckus, Soaryn, Guude, OMGchad

12:30 PM- Sep 25
Broadcasting on a Budget: Tips for Beginning and Veteran Broadcasters
Panel – lolRenaynay, Ravenhart007, wshand, UGRGaming
Gameshow Announcement
Panel – Gameshow

12:45 PM- Sep 25
All Aboard the Discord Hype Train: A Better Way to Connect With Your Fans.
Education – Discord
1:00 PM- Sep 25
Can We Just Play? The Legality of Let’s Play Video and Streams
Panel – Teri Karobonik, Art Neill, radicalbytes, LawNinja
360Chrism Plays Super Mario 64 Speedrun at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – 360Chrism, Tiltify (Sponsor)

1:15 PM- Sep 25
First Wonder – Spiritual successor to MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto

1:30 PM- Sep 25
Making Group Content: How Mindcrack Does It
Panel – Sevadus, SethBling, Aureylian, BlameTheController, OMGchad, Guude
Meet and Greet 3
Meet and Greets – imaqtpie, Trick2g, AimzAtchu, itsHafu, Cowsep, Voyboy, SirhcEz, TSM_TheOddOne, pokelawls, BehkuhTV, MissCoookiez, UmiNoKaiju, pokimane
Gaming Lab: World of Warships
Gaming Lab – Sacriel, dmbrandon, DasValdez, TangentGaming, FuturemanGaming, CrReaM, BadNewsBaron, SattelizerGames, RendhammerTV, BurkeBlack, Braincage, Mishii86
Get Rich and Die Streaming
Education – GameWisp
Elajjaz Plays Dark Souls 1 Speed Run (estimate (1:40)) at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Tiltify (Sponsor)

2:00 PM- Sep 25
When Do You Need A Manager?
Panel – CohhCarnage, Ellohime, Towelliee, ShannonZKiller, Omeed
Broadcaster Pods 3
Broadcaster Content – Alinity, machinegunnerusmc, Queen_Jelz, Squirrel, koalibears
​Twitch Tech Talks
TwitchCon Live – Intel RealSense Technology, Amazon Appstore​
Gamer Garage
TwitchCon Live
Live demo of Larian’s next RPG at the Indie Game Garage

2:15 PM- Sep 25
Elgato Gaming New Features & Software Walkthrough
Education – Elgato Gaming
Deep Silver – Homefront: The Revolution – Red Zone
TwitchCon Live

2:30 PM- Sep 25
LGBT+ Broadcaster Panel
Panel – 8BitHomo, LainZero, AdamKoebel, Sky_mp3
Deep Silver – Mighty No. 9
TwitchCon Live

2:45 PM- Sep 25
Meet and Greet 4
Meet and Greets – TeamSp00ky, Maximilian_DOOD, cosmowright, Cirno_TV, witwix, Geoff, 360Chrism, KungFuFruitCup, misskaddykins, HKsmash, firedragon764
Partner Spotlight: Super Panic Frenzy
TwitchCon Live

3:00 PM- Sep 25
From IGN to Kinda Funny: Leavin the Sure Thing to Stream
Panel – KindaFunnyGames, GameOverGreggy
ArenaNet – Guild Wars 2
TwitchCon Live
Plug, Play and Play
Education – Skreens
Michele Morrow & Friends Play Rocket League at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Tiltify (Sponsor)
Devolver Digital Showcase at the Indie Game Garage

3:15 PM- Sep 25
TwitchCon Purple Ticket Winner Interview
TwitchCon Live

3:30 PM- Sep 25
Get Developers Fired Up About Your Stream
Panel – Swiftor, JonCarnage
Blizzard – SC2
TwitchCon Live

3:45 PM- Sep 25
Improve Viewer Engagement with TwitchAlerts
Education – TwitchAlerts
WorldGaming Winner Annoucement
TwitchCon Live
Indie Gamer Garage Announcement

4:00 PM- Sep 25
Community As Content
Panel – Brotatoe, Jacklifear, tehMorag, Jooygirl, Nom_Nom_Freshmin
Meet and Greet 5
Meet and Greets – TheJustinFlynn, Sacriel, MANvsGAME, Lethalfrag, ElegyofGames, Richard_Hammer, iKasperr, AndrewArcade, sxyhxy
Broadcaster Pods 4
Broadcaster Content – DETHSKULPT, mackenseize, ReDValoroso, Virlomi, Spamfish
Gaming Lab: Minecraft
Gaming Lab – CaptainSparklez, GiantWaffle, OMGitsfirefoxx, SethBling, Sevadus, InTheLittleWood, Aureylian, EddieRuckus, GoodTimesWithScar, Guude, OMGchad, ProAceJOKER, OodiGames
Space Time Studios – Battle at TwitchCon
TwitchCon Live
Rival Kingdons at the Indie Game Garage

4:30 PM- Sep 25
Adding The Perfect Games To Your Channel
Panel – Bacon_Donut, Paul Cutsinger, TinyRebelGames, FireTVGames, GeekandSundry, jackboxgames, AlaskanSavage
Broadcasting – It’s not rocket science!
Education – XSplit (Sponsor)
TwitchCon Live
Dropped Frames LIVE!
Panel – Ezekiel_III, itmeJP, CohhCarnage, Kevin Lin
World War Toons at the Indie Game Garage

5:00 PM- Sep 25
Musical Twitch 101
Panel – ApproachingNirvana, BigGiantCircles, FamilyJules7x, DjCUTMAN
Steam Controller and Alienware Steam Machine
TwitchCon Live
EatMyDiction1 Plays Gang Beasts, Duck Game, Towerfall Ascension at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – EatMyDiction1, Tiltify (Sponsor)

5:15 PM- Sep 25
Meet and Greet 6
Meet and Greets – KittyPlaysGames, PhantomL0rd, sodapoppin, 2MGoverCsquared, Ms_Vixen, summit1g, TimTheTatman, GoldGlove, Dinglederper, LegendaryLea, PMS_UNFORGIVEN, samzorz
Broadcast Together with Stage TEN: The Real-time, Browser-Based Production Studio
Education – Stage TEN
HTC Vive Interview
TwitchCon Live
Codename: Streamline at the Indie Game Garage

5:30 PM- Sep 25
Getting Games for Free: PR and New Media
Panel – Chase, Jeff Rubenstein, Chris Kramer, JonCarnage, Scott Pytlik
TwitchCon Day Wrap-Up
TwitchCon Live

6:00 PM- Sep 25
Building Communities on Twitch
Panel – CohhCarnage, Ezekiel_III, itmeJP, Ellohime, Bacon_Donut, Towelliee, Sacriel, TangentGaming, Limpy

6:30 PM- Sep 25
Rolling Over Your Obstacles: Streaming with Disabilities
Panel – DeafGamersTV, GoodTimesWithScar, mackenseize
Meet and Greet 7
Meet and Greets – ApproachingNirvana, BigGiantCircles, FamilyJules7x
Gaming Lab: Hearthstone
Gaming Lab – nl_Kripp, reynad27, TrumpSC, bmkibler
Rock Band Battle
Panel – EatMyDiction1, bisnap, Fats, ZombiUnicorn, CrReaM, Docgotgame, EddieRuckus, HayliNic, OKAYdrian, TechnoVIXEN, TigerWriter, UnholyTemptress, VersusTheStream, Azuritereaction, MissMollyLolly

7:00 PM- Sep 25
Game Dev Meet and Greet

7:30 PM- Sep 25
Passion to Paycheck: Making a Career Out of Broadcasting
Panel – Bacon_Donut, Sevadus, GiantWaffle, DansGaming

8:00 PM- Sep 25
Crunchyroll Presents: YOU LIKE ANIME! WE LIKE GAMES!
Panel – Baker McDonald, SailorBee
TwitchCon Roast – Spamfish
Panel – Spamfish, SourKoolaidShow

8:30 PM- Sep 25
Poker on Twitch
Panel – PokerStaples, Gripsed, ElkY, Rumcake, nanonoko, PhilHellmuth

9:00 PM- Sep 25
Taking Teams to the Next Level
Panel – Brotatoe, iKasperr, tehMorag, ThunderCast, Avalonstar
Gaming Lab: StarCraft
Gaming Lab – Livibee
TwitchCon Live – ApproachingNirvana, FamilyJules7x

10:00 PM- Sep 25
Growing from Nothing: Late Night with Cry and Russ
Panel – Cryaotic, ScottJund, Russ_Money, La_Li_Lu_Le_Lo

September 26

10:00 AM- Sep 26
Colin & Greg Live! Twitch’s Morning Show @ TwitchCon
Panel – KindaFunnyGames, GameOverGreggy
Meet and Greet 8
Meet and Greets – Gripsed, PokerStaples, n0thingTV, Sixwong, Xargon0731, VersusTheStream, missharvey, TheHaleyBaby, SCARFINO
Broadcaster Pods 5
Broadcaster Content – Avalonstar, Puhdado, samzorz
Get your stream on with Gameshow
Education – Gameshow
DJ Tech Plays Guild Wars 2 at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Tiltify (Sponsor)

10:15 AM- Sep 26
TwitchCon Day 2 Show Opener
TwitchCon Live

10:30 AM- Sep 26
What Hardware is Best for Streaming?
Panel – Swiftor, Bajheera, OriginPCCEO, KoozyL
Gaming Lab: H1Z1 Invitational
Gaming Lab – CohhCarnage, DansGaming, EatMyDiction1, Ellohime, GiantWaffle, GoldGlove, iijeriichoii, imaqtpie, itmeJP, LIRIK, Ms_Vixen, Nightblue3, PhantomL0rd, reynad27, Sacriel, sodapoppin, summit1g, TimTheTatman, Towelliee, Trick2g, TrumpSC, CDNThe3rd, CobaltStreak, itsHafu, LegendaryLea, SeriousGaming, witwix, AnneMunition, TSM_TheOddOne, Anthony_Kongphan, ExecCS, Grimmmz, julia_tv, Lowco2525, Pokket, rhinoCRUNCH, sxyhxy, CrReaM, Hotted89, Di3seL, PsiSyndicate, Vieparlafoi, hutch, GrimmyBear, Forsenlol, Manpons, Ninja, ScottJund
Partner Spotlight – Fred Durst – TBD
TwitchCon Live
H1Z1 Invitational Finals
Codename: Streamline at the Indie Game Garage

10:45 AM- Sep 26
Empowered Productions – XSplit Plugin Framework
Education – XSplit (Sponsor)

11:00 AM- Sep 26
Creating and Using Moderator Bots
Panel – Xangold, a5vAstra, TheBigShakuna
IlyonTV Plays Choice Chamber at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Tiltify (Sponsor)
Tharsis Demonstration at the Indie Game Garage

11:15 AM- Sep 26
Meet and Greet 9
Meet and Greets – Brotatoe, ZombiUnicorn, Ltzonda, JoblessGamers, Jendenise, Spamfish, tehMorag, FuturemanGaming, Fairlight_Excalibur, Russ_Money, La_Li_Lu_Le_Lo
Turtle Beach Broadcaster Program – TBD
TwitchCon Live
Extra Life (Charity)
TwitchCon Live

11:30 AM- Sep 26
Women in Gaming
Panel – OMGitsfirefoxx, 2MGoverCsquared, Aureylian, DizzyKitten, HayliNic
Attracting Sponsors – How to Market your Stream (and Yourself!)
Education – Flood Gaming
The Attack
TwitchCon Live

12:00 PM- Sep 26
From YouTube to Twitch: Transitioning Your Content
Panel – GassyMexican, SethBling, CaptainSparklez, Guude
Broadcaster Pods 6
Broadcaster Content – CrustyMustard, Mahyar121, RatedEwithElspeth, Shytomb, EddieRuckus
Intel – RealSense
TwitchCon Live
Dinglederper Plays at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Dinglederper, Tiltify (Sponsor)
Larian’s next RPG live demo

12:15 PM- Sep 26
TwitchCon Live – GiantWaffle, DansGaming, Sevadus
The Ultimate Gaming Audio Setup
Education – Blue Microphones

12:30 PM- Sep 26
Twitch Game Development Channels
Panel – BonozoApps, Arconyx, Paul Cutsinger
Meet and Greet 10
Meet and Greets – BrownMan, Swiftor, Ellohime, Bacon_Donut, DansGaming, GiantWaffle, Sevadus, DethridgeCraft, OKAYdrian, Maquannas, Squirrel, julia_tv, Scarletr0se, Wyld

1:00 PM- Sep 26
Speedrunning on Twitch
Panel – romscout
Skype in Media
Education – Skype
Devolver – Broforce
TwitchCon Live
Ms_Vixen Plays Call of Duty Advanced Warfare at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – Ms_Vixen, Tiltify (Sponsor)
Mianite LIVE!
Panel – iijeriichoii, OMGitsfirefoxx
Vainglory Match at the Indie Game Garage

1:15 PM- Sep 26
Partner Spotlight – Koibu
TwitchCon Live – Koibu

1:30 PM- Sep 26
Switching Specialities
Panel – imaqtpie, sodapoppin, SethBling, summit1g, Scarletr0se
Gaming Lab: Paladins
Gaming Lab – 2MGoverCsquared, BrownMan, IAmSp00n, KittyPlaysGames, Lethalfrag, Swiftor, JoshOG, VernNotice, ZombiUnicorn, ElegyofGames, GoodTimesWithScar, Luuap, ProAceJOKER, PsiSyndicate, SilentSentry, tripleWRECKTV, Azuritereaction, Mishii86, HeroOfGaming, Squirrel, RSQViper
Bohemia Interactive – DayZ
TwitchCon Live

1:45 PM- Sep 26
Meet and Greet 11
Meet and Greets – Nightblue3, TrumpSC, nl_Kripp, reynad27, Bacon_Donut, GiantWaffle, Sevadus, DansGaming, DeerNadia, Sp4zie, Brittany
Donations, Chargebacks, and Privacy: Improving Fan Funding with HoneyLedger
Education – HoneyLedger
Nerdist Interview with Malik Forte
TwitchCon Live

2:00 PM- Sep 26
We Are Watching You: Developers and PR Companies who watch your channel and how to speak to them
Panel – Andy Lunique, Mallory Loar, Edelita “The Pixxel” Valdez, Brian Rowe
Broadcaster Pods 7
Broadcaster Content – Docgotgame, obezianka, Rustlingrose, Snugzmeow, Aiekillu
World of Warships
TwitchCon Live
Jaded Cat & Anthony Kongphan Play H1Z1 at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – jadedcat, Anthony_Kongphan, Tiltify (Sponsor)
Subaeria at the Indie Game Garage

2:30 PM- Sep 26
Gamer, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur: Building a Business Through Your Channel
Panel – GoldGlove, Sevadus, Bajheera, Teespring
EA – Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire
TwitchCon Live
Twitch Fight Night
TwitchCon Live – nl_Kripp, TrumpSC, reynad27
Streaming Mobile Games on Twitch: Workshop with Vainglory’s George “Zekent” Liu
Education – Vainglory
Twitch Fight Night: VGCW

2:45 PM- Sep 26
Geek and Sundry Interview
TwitchCon Live

3:00 PM- Sep 26
Staying Sane: The Ups and Downs of Content Creation
Panel – iijeriichoii, GassyMexican, EatMyDiction1
Meet and Greet 12
Meet and Greets – Ezekiel_III, LIRIK, CohhCarnage, itmeJP, CobaltStreak, SeriousGaming, Wolv21, LobosJR, rhinoCRUNCH
Daybreak – H1Z1
TwitchCon Live
Twitch Fight Night: Twitch vs. Red Bull Smash-Off
Leap of Fate at the Indie Game Garage

3:15 PM- Sep 26
The State of eSports in the US vs The World: How do we improve it?
Education – eSport.US
Telltale Games: Minecraft Story Mode
TwitchCon Live

3:30 PM- Sep 26
Operation Supply Drop – Charity Organization
TwitchCon Live
Twitch as a Crowd-Led Storytelling Medium

3:45 PM- Sep 26
HoneyLedger – Donation Platform
TwitchCon Live

4:00 PM- Sep 26
Twitch OGs: From to Twitch
Panel – DansGaming, MANvsGAME, Swiftor, Lethalfrag, Chingy1337, Kreyg, RSQViper
Broadcaster Pods 8
Meet and Greets – JonSandman, mackenseize, Sajedene, TechnoVIXEN, Lowco2525
Gaming Lab: League of Legends
Gaming Lab – imaqtpie, Nightblue3, Trick2g, TSM_TheOddOne, Takarita324, Azuritereaction
TwitchCon Live
Intel RealSense Technology empowers the game broadcasting community by making streaming convenient and portable
Education – Intel RealSense Technology
WitWix & Stinkycheeseone890 Play I Wanna Be The Boshy at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – witwix, Tiltify (Sponsor)
#KILLALLZOMBIES at the Indie Game Garage

4:15 PM- Sep 26
Meet and Greet 13
Meet and Greets – dmbrandon, Towelliee, Peeve, Alinity, Bajheera, Celeste56, Livibee, TangentGaming, Koopatroopa787, MONSTERDFACE, Hotted89, dinterlolz

4:30 PM- Sep 26
Level Up: Developing the Framework for Success
Panel – FuturemanGaming, TigerWriter, skinnedteen, AlaskanSavage, ShannonZKiller
Tiltify – Charity Segment
TwitchCon Live
PJSaltan of Stream: Grand Finals
TwitchCon Live

4:45 PM- Sep 26
Build a Business through your Twitch Channel with Teespring
Education – Teespring
Hi-Rez – Paladins
TwitchCon Live

5:00 PM- Sep 26
Legal Self-Defense for Streamers
Panel – falc0nred, Joe Gratz, EFF
Space Time Studios
TwitchCon Live
KittyPlayGames Plays Plague, at the Tiltify Charity Zone!
Broadcaster Content – KittyPlaysGames, Tiltify (Sponsor)
Samurai Siege at the Indie Game Garage

5:30 PM- Sep 26
Building an Industry: Twitch and the Growth of Esports
Panel – dmbrandon, reynad27, TeamSp00ky, SirScoots, Evoli, NickAllen
Meet and Greet 14
Meet and Greets – CDNThe3rd, m0E_tv, VernNotice, JoshOG, Day9tv, tripleWRECKTV, ImCoty, PsiSyndicate, SilentSentry, koalibears
What game devs are doing to help you build a fan base
Education – Amazon Appstore​
TwitchCon Show Wrap-Up
TwitchCon Live
Slain! at the Indie Game Garage

6:00 PM- Sep 26
Fundraising On Twitch
Panel – CohhCarnage, GassyMexican, romscout, Aureylian, Zach Whitten, Guude, Jeromy Adams, Susan Rodnite

6:30 PM- Sep 26
Developing Games With an Audience
Panel – Arconyx

7:00 PM- Sep 26
Twitch Hall of Fame Awards Show

WATCH: Girl Throws Endangered Tortoise In Pond Trying To Save It, Kills It Instead
WATCH: Girl Throws Endangered Tortoise In Pond Trying To Save It, Kills It Instead
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