WATCH: Girl Throws Endangered Tortoise In Pond Trying To Save It, Kills It Instead

Tortoise Pond Video

A girl trying to save a gopher tortoise’s life filmed herself on Snapchat video throwing the reptile into a pond. The bad news? Gopher tortoises don’t swim. And they’re a protected species.

“Turtle saving’s a hobby!” couldn’t be more ironic.

And even better, according to the internet it really is a hobby for Kimberley. One person on reddit ASAPRoberts told this story:

I work with this girl. I can provide proof if necessary. One day I was on shift and she comes up to me frantically and said, “Can you please go in my car, and get my turtle food? I need it!” Okay.. I guess I can do that for her. So she gives me her keys, and tells me what car she drives. I go and get the turtle food and then give it to her. She proceeds to PULL A TURTLE OUT OF HER POCKET about the size of a half dollar and feeds it.

So if that’s really a true story, what are the chances that the pond is just littered with dead tortoise¬†bodies?

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