Donald Trump’s Twitter Q&A is the Best Thing We’ve Ever Seen

America’s GOP sweetheart Donald Trump took over Twitter yesterday with the hashtag #AskTrump, giving unconvinced civilians and trolls of the Internet the ability to ask him whatever they wanted. Naturally the majority of questions were totally hilarious.

Here are our favorites:

Donald Trump Funny Tweets
Donald Trump Q&A Donald Trump Q&ADonald Trump Q&A
Donald Trump Q&A


However not every posting was a toupee joke (sadly) – the few fans Trump does have actually came forth with some serious questions, to which he answered via video. After all, the man is running for president – this should be somewhat educational and not just a total sh*t fest.

Here’s what he had to say:






So… there’s that. Stay tuned for more politicians eager to brave the Internet – we’re betting there will be more.

Note: the camera adds 10 lbs of excess hair follicles. 

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