The 5 Best Bars At Texas A&M's College Station

Nightlife in College Station is pretty damn awesome, but I might be a little biased. If you’re down for a late night and think that you’re fully capable of escaping Johnny Law on bikes, you’re halfway there to a rager in College Station.
Keep in mind that most of my favorite bars are in Northgate, but there are some that I just couldn’t ignore. Check out the five best bars in College Station below.

#5: Foundations

I would feel bad if I didn’t include Foundations. The “Dirty F” as it’s occasionally called is a freshman paradise. Anyone who has awoken the next morning with the F stamp on his or her hands knows exactly what I’m talking about. Foundation’s is a mosh pit of a dance club-if you want to call it that. It’s the ultimate place to get down to bum nasty’s with some random chick you accidentally rubbed up against and went with it. Any 5 looks like a 10 and it’s free for all. My advice: wait till at least 1:30am to stumble in. Nobody wants to go to Foundies, it just happens.

#4: Rebels Draft House

Rebels is one of my favorite places in Northgate. If you can make it through the strict bouncers without an X on your hands you’ll know why. The wall of beer is what really draws me to Rebels on a Friday night. They are usually jamming to some country music and none of that Florida Georgia line trash either. You are guaranteed to run into a crowd of familiar faces as well.

#3 The Tap

The Tap is a hotspot for sure. While it’s not on Northgate with the rest of the bars, the Tap is the place to be on a Monday or Wednesday Night after a test week. Monday night is open Karaoke for all–and it’s awesome. Wednesday night is a piano night. They bring in Russell Boyd- @russellboydtx on twitter: check him out- and he can play the hell out of that piano. People send in requests on napkins and he rocks out.
It’s a great time with great drinks. Get there early though, they fill up quickly. Chicks dig live music.

#2: Chimy’s

Disregard the fact that Chimy’s is a chain and understand the greatness of the house marg. Those things are brutal. This is the ultimate place to get a little tuned up on cervezas and margaritas (see video).


#1 Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

This was a tough decision, but it had to be done. Honestly, I didn’t even know it was called “Kyoto” till I sat down to write this as it’s usually referred to as “SAKE”. This is the most fun shot bar at Northgate only because of the experience. When you have some older Japanese lady yelling words you don’t even know the meaning of, then banging on the table dropping your shot into the mixture of who knows what, you’ll figure out why everyone loves it here. This place is no bigger than a 20-person classroom but the loud music and strobe lights set you up for success.



These are the few places that didn’t quite the list but are for sure a top 10.
Logies- $5 chuggers who doesn’t love that
Cedar Lane- Whenever you get a little sleepy ask for a wake-me-up and you’ll be ready to go.
The Backyard- drinking beer and playing corn-hole (or beanbags whatever you want to call it) is always a good time.

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