The 8 Best Bars at Rutgers University

Before you can, I’ll get it out of the way, and make fun of Rutgers University: our football program is a joke, our decision makers can’t tell their a** from their elbow, and as my sister so eloquently put it, Penn State slapped Rutgers like a red-headed step child on Saturday night.

But, for better or for worse, there is one thing Rutgers does well: drink. While other schools might have the upper hand in terms of size or extravagance, I know for a fact that in term of pure drinking capability, Rutgers can hang with anyone. We have to deal with the misfortunes of our football team somehow, right?
With all that said, these are the eight best bars at Rutgers University:

8. Kelly’s Korner

A list of the best bars on campus wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a beloved local dive bar. Kelly’s Korner is that local dive bar. With only one bar and a couple of seats, ┬áKelly’s is literally a corner. One of, if not the smallest bars on campus, no one will ever confuse Kelly’s for the most raging bar on campus. However, because they open at 7AM, serve $1 burgers all day, and have $4 Irish Car bombs, Kelly’s deserves to be on this list.