The 8 Best Bars at Rutgers University

Before you can, I’ll get it out of the way, and make fun of Rutgers University: our football program is a joke, our decision makers can’t tell their a** from their elbow, and as my sister so eloquently put it, Penn State slapped Rutgers like a red-headed step child on Saturday night.

But, for better or for worse, there is one thing Rutgers does well: drink. While other schools might have the upper hand in terms of size or extravagance, I know for a fact that in term of pure drinking capability, Rutgers can hang with anyone. We have to deal with the misfortunes of our football team somehow, right?

With all that said, these are the eight best bars at Rutgers University:


8. Kelly’s Korner

A list of the best bars on campus wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a beloved local dive bar. Kelly’s Korner is that local dive bar. With only one bar and a couple of seats,  Kelly’s is literally a corner. One of, if not the smallest bars on campus, no one will ever confuse Kelly’s for the most raging bar on campus. However, because they open at 7AM, serve $1 burgers all day, and have $4 Irish Car bombs, Kelly’s deserves to be on this list.


7. World of Beer

Last time I checked, the main purpose of a bar is to provide alcohol,  and that’s exactly what World of Beer does. Situated right in the middle of the theatre district in downtown New Brunswick, World of Beer is home to over 500 (!!!) different types of beer. Pair any one of those with any of the dank food they serve, and your night is looking pretty damn solid.


6. Olive Branch

The Olive Branch’s claim to fame is having the best happy hour on campus. And it’s true, because not a single place at Rutgers can compete with there 50 cent slices and $1.50 Coors Lights. Not only are the prices incredible, but so are the hours: happy “hour” lasts from 3pm-8pm, every single day of the week.


5. Stuff Yer Face

This one is a little complicated, because pound for pound, Stuff Yer Face is by most accounts the best bar at Rutgers. With two bars, one inside and one outside, banging pub food, even better strombolis, a fishbowl that will knock you and two other friends on your a**, and decent prices, Stuff Yer Face should be the consensus number one choice. However, the biggest appeal of Stuff is the outdoor bar, and because Rutgers is located in New Jersey (obviously), the outdoor bar is only open a couple months of the school year. Without the outdoor bar, Stuff is seen more as a happy hour or dinner spot, as opposed to somewhere you and your squad would go to on a Friday night. And for that reason, I have to put Stuff Yer Face as the number 5 best bar at Rutgers.


4. Scarlet Pub

There are people reading this list that will claim Scarlet Pub is Rutger’s best bar. However, just like most things in life, it is all a matter of perspective, which is why I have “Pub” as the number four bar on this list. The drink prices are standard, but whats sets Pub apart is it’s nightclub like atmosphere. For those who prefer to remain anonymous, Pub is the place for you.


3. Brother Jimmy’s

Whether it be a World Cup game, the Superbowl, a UFC fight, or any televised event that requires bar viewing, Brother Jimmy’s is the place on campus to be. As the only chain restaurant on this list, they have the most televisions (by far), and the best food (also by far) Brother Jimmy’s should be your bar of choice for any major event, or if want some good grub during happy hour. Their prices are a little steep for college kids, but if you go during happy hour, well drinks are only $3, and appetizers are $6.


2. Golden Rail

Golden Rail is on this list for one reason and one reason only: karaoke. As the only local bar in town with nights dedicated to karaoke, Golden Rail is the place you go to on those nights you really don’t give a f*ck, and want to sing your heart out to some Bruce Springsteen. Sure, you might have to deal with the occasional misguided sorority chick doing a rendition of ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, but regardless, Golden Rail karaoke on Sunday and Wednesday night is an absolute blast


1. Olde Queens Tavern

Someone once told me, “home is where your favorite bar is”. Actually, I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me. I think I might have just made that up. Not too bad for a Monday. Anyway, and again, it’s all a matter of perspective, but I think”Queens” is the best bar at Rutgers. The drink specials are the best deals on campus, bar none (see what I did there? I’m really killing it today). $3 Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan drinks on Monday and Wednesdays, $3 Svedka and Barcadi drinks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and $1 Bud Lights all week, Queens is by far the best bang for your buck. Also one of the only establishments on campus to have two bars, the service at Queens is also the best at Rutgers.

Known as the greek life bar, Queens can certainly rub a couple of people the wrong way. But if you’re looking for attractive people, cheap drinks, and a damn good time, I would tell you to meet me and my boys at Queens, basically every night of the week.

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