Penn State Is Going To Slap Rutgers Like A Red Headed Step Child

Rutgers Clock

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Jessica, our Penn State Campus Ambassador who feels pretty strongly about this weekend’s Big 10 rivalry game. I don’t think many people, including her brother Eric our Rutgers Campus Ambassador, are going to disagree with her.]

Throughout my life, I’ve always felt that I’ve been compared to my older brother, Eric. Who’s funnier? Eric.

Who’s more hardworking? Me.

Who’s more athletic? Eric.

Who’s nicer to Mom & Dad? Definitely me.

But now that we’re older and go to college, I’m at Penn State and Eric at Rutgers (a rookie in the Big 10), there are more important questions. For example: Which is the better school in academics and social life? Penn State. Who is better at football? Penn State. Who is going to win this Saturday’s game? That’s a difficult question, because last year Penn State only won by a hair against Rutgers. I rubbed it in Eric’s face anyway.

So, in light of Saturday’s game, this year I have a message for my cooler/smarter/funnier older brother Eric:

I’ll see you in State College on Saturday at noon, where Penn State and myself will teach a washed up senior how to drink, tailgate, and how to attend a REAL Big 10 university. It’s on.


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