Santa Clara University Students Will Use Driverless Shuttles to Get to Class

Santa Clara University in California is the first school to have driverless shuttles on their campus. Meaning students are getting to their 8ams in style.
Considering the campus consists of 106 acres, we’re thinking this is a pretty awesome idea. According to USA Today,

The shuttles — golf carts that have been modified to include laser scanners, radar, cameras and GPS — are not designed to get students from one side of the 106-acre campus to the other. That doesn’t mean students won’t be involved in the project, however.

As a SCU School of Engineering industry partner for the fall quarter, Auro will lead technical seminars, conduct corporate tours of their headquarters and lead a student design competition, according to according to Dr. Christopher Kitts, director of the Robotic Systems Laboratory at SCU.

Kitts says that between 30 and 50 students usually participate in the competitions where students have an opportunity to win a prize of usually a few thousand dollars by “brainstorm[ing] a concept for the industry partner.”

This can’t get any better than this.
Photo via Santa Clara University

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