Solar Bear 2015 Kicked off SIU’s Year With a Bang

Solar Bear 2015 1

Southern Illinois University knows that to get the school year started off right, you need to throw a banging party–which is exactly what Solar Bear is. Imagine hundreds of college students rocking swimsuits and bikinis, greeting old friends, and raging at a block party. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Unfortunately, one group wasn’t so keen on the SIU Salukis starting the year off on a good note. The cops thought it would be a good idea to start pepper spraying and arresting students.

Despite the tough end to a good day, a majority of students stayed out of the handcuffs and had a good day. Solar Bear is quickly becoming one of the most turnt affairs in the nation. A few good fights, lots of hot chicks, and needless spraying of cheap beer are always signs of a good party.

Thanks to Soberly Intoxicated for rallying the troops. Check out the best photos and videos from the night below.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: What the hell happened here. This white guy is like two times the size of the little dude? Upset of the century? Mystery of the millenium? I need to know what the f*ck happened.

Update: Found it!

This sums up my weekend at #SIUC #SolarBear

— DNA (@CesarDiazAM) August 30, 2015


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