Want To See What $18 Million of Cocaine Looks Like? Of Course You Do

For those who have never seen $18 million/200 pounds of cocaine before, this is what $18 million/200 pounds of cocaine looks like. That is a lot of cocaine. My dad tells me cocaine died out in the 80’s, but now I’m starting to think my Dad might be trying to hide something. [lead image via Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office]

On Thursday, Louisiana Sheriff’s Office seized 2oo pounds of pure cocaine worth an estimated $18 million, local CBS affiliate WWLTV reports. The packages were filled with 81 individually wrapped bricks of cocaine weighing 200 pounds. Authorities from the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office were able to make the largest drug bust in the area after receiving an anonymous tip regarding four suspicious packages.
Now, for some obligatory cocaine related GIFs, cause who doesn’t love a good GIF? Psychopaths, that’s who.
Obligatory 21 Jump Street GIF:

Obligatory Rick James GIF:

Obligatory Wolf Of Wall Street GIF:
I think you get the picture.

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