New Study Reveals Cheating Runs in the Family, So Use That as an Excuse Next Time

The next time you’re caught red-handed cheating on your girlfriend, you may have a legitimate excuse… from science.
According to a new study from Texas Tech and the University of Nevada, cheating runs in the family. I’m calling bullsh*t on this one, but let’s look into it.
Researchers surveyed roughly 300 students and questioned them about the connections between their parent’s infidelity and their likelihood to commit the same relationship crime. 30% of students divulged that they had cheated on a partner at least once in their lives, while 33% of participants confided that their parents had been unfaithful (the study also found that more dads had cheated than moms).
Of those participants, nearly 44% of the students who said they had cheated also had unfaithful parents, versus the 22% of students who claimed they had never been unfaithful despite having cheating parents.
Interesting… and also an easy way out. I’m sure your girlfriend is going to LOVE this line – good luck!

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