WATCH: UFC Fighters Take On The Ninja Warrior Course

We’ve already known the UFC dudes are some of the most athletic, badass in the nation, but seeing them completely run train on this Ninja Park Competition takes their perceived badassery to a whole new level.
Cowboy, who is currently the UFC‘s no.1 Lightweight contender, invited No.1 Flyweight John Dodson – along with a few other young fighters – to the American Ninja Warrior course in New Mexico.
The only thing missing from this video is our girl, the person most qualified to be the next president of The United States of America, Ronda Rousey. First, Rousey would dominate this course. Then, she would beat the crap out of both Cowboy and Dodson just for sh*ts and giggles.  Finally, when she’s done with all of that, she’ll go back to her routine of intense training and Donald Trump bashing.

Yeah, we love Ronda Rousey.

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