Genius Human Injects Fries With Nacho Cheese

Instagram chef Tym Bussanich is making dreams come true.
In an exclusive concoction for FoodBeast, Bussanich used a syringe to stuff a load of fries with nacho cheese, giving us a reason to live (other than the magnificence that is our Instagram Twins of the Week, Jenn and Jessica LaMonaca).
Is there a way we can learn this? Because we’re going to need to on our next drunken night out.
However, flinging around needles may not be the best idea when you’re completely hammered, but oh well! We’re willing to sacrifice a few appendages to get a load of that.

These fries don’t need any cheese injections of their own, but you can always improve things:

And while you are at it the video below shows how to make McDonald’s-Like french fries at home.
[H/T: Foodbeast]

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