Bluejacket's Lost Weekend Is What's On Tap

Yesterday marked the 5th annual IPA Day! A day where craft beer drinkers are encouraged to share their favorite IPA via social media. But even better, today is actually InternationalBeerDay. So in celebration of these two great occasions, I’m drinking a delicious west coast style American IPA that is full of flavor and very easy drinking. This weekend Bluejacket Brewery’s Lost Weekend is What’s on Tap!
Brewing within the heart of DC, Bluejacket Brewery is known for their experimental beer and IPAs; Lost Weekend being one of their flagship year-rounds. What I like most about this brew is the use of citra hops. Citra hops are very common in West Coast style IPAs and give off a very nice citrusy/sweet flavor combination. On the nose the citra hops dominate Lost Weekend’s aroma but there is a hint of malt as well. What I like most about this IPA is the citrusy-pop this brew gives off on each sip; there are also hints of orange, passion fruit, and peach. Given the citrus and hop profile I was expecting Lost Weekend to have a bite on its finish; surprisingly Lost Weekend is incredibly smooth to drink and does not have a huge amount of bitterness.
Given this beer’s smoothness, drinkability, and low ABV this beer can pair well with any meal. But this weekend I am grilling chicken thighs that have been marinated in a homemade bourbon glaze. The bourbon should provide a nice balance to the beer’s sweetness. But regardless of what you are eating, crack open a Bluejacket brew and enjoy!
Beer Stats

Style: American IPA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 6%
Color: Hazy Yellow
Hops: Citra

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: N/A
Rate Beer: 94

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