WATCH: Kevin Spacey Curses With Big Bird in Jimmy Fallon's 'Phone Booth' [VIDEO]

Kevin Spacey guested on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, and the rumors are true. No sooner does Sesame Street sign up with HBO than Big Bird is working with actors cursing up a storm. Well, Big Bird doesn’t exactly end up with Kevin in this game, but there’s still a lot of cursing as different people get crammed in with Kevin or Jimmy whenever someone gets an answer wrong.
We won’t ruin the other surprise celebrity cram-ees. Well, at least no more than we already have with the picture above. It’s a pretty cool segment–although we’ll understand if you’d rather see¬†Jimmy Fallon playing “Phone Booth” with¬†Keifer Sutherland aiming a rifle at him from a nearby apartment building…

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