New Study Finds 1/3 Of College Students Lie to Their Professors

Passed Out in Class

A new study conducted by Asurion recently surveyed more than 1,000 students heading to colleges and universities across the nation to determine how they use their electronic devices while at college. The Asurion Connected College Life survey revealed that from laptops and tablets to cell phones and headphones, tech dominates college life, both on and off campus. This study found that 95 percent of college students are taking laptops and cell phones to college this year.

College Takes a Toll on Electronic Devices (PRNewsFoto/Asurion)

Cool and all, but do you really think I would waste my time writing a post about a study that figured out most college students own a cell phone or a laptop? Of course not. Asurion actually found a bunch of interesting statistics about the college student.

There’s a lot of information in here: from how many students actually pay attention, how many students take selfies in class, even a breakdown of exactly how college students spend their class time. As a current college student, I can personally attest to this infographic being true. I’ve actually lost count of how many professors I’ve told “Oh, sorry man, my laptop got stolen. Total bummer. Can I hand in my paper next week?”. And, honestly, its worked every time. Lying, cheating, stealing, FTW! JK. Maybe. Sorry Mom.

From Selfies to Studies (PRNewsFoto/Asurion)

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