Tianjin Explosion: Must See Photos, Facts and Details

A Tianjin container terminal exploded in China, leaving hundreds wounded on the street and inside the disaster area. Photos of the blast are already on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.
Tianjin is the fourth largest city in China and located some 90 miles southeast of Beijing.
You can see more videos of the Chinese explosion below:

Facts, details and video are pouring out of Tianjin as we speak.
We know that the explosion occurred around 11:30 PM and that it was so big that it sent a mushroom cloud into the sky and that it could be seen from outer space. The shockwave was felt for kilometers around.
Tianjin blast
Xinhua an official news agency reported earlier that, “An explosion ripped through a warehouse storing ‘dangerous goods’ in north China’s Tianjin City late Wednesday night, injuring at least 50 people.” That number is now thought to be in the thousands.
No word yet on what these actual goods were, but some believe the second, larger explosion was a petrol depot.
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There are currently 38 fire engines working on controlling the fire. A spokesman for Tianjin Fire Department said: “the most important task now is to stop the fire.” 2 firefighters have already lost contact with their engines and six are reported as injured.

Hospitals are admitting hundreds of patients and victims, most of which they are treating for burns.

WATCH: China Explosion Video Footage In Tianjin City
WATCH: China Explosion Video Footage In Tianjin City
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