WATCH: Steve Buscemi vs. The Internet on 'The Tonight Show' [VIDEO]

Steve Buscemi guested on The Tonight Show last night, and it’s kind of nice that he didn’t get lured into some kind of dopey viral video routine. He just talked. But, as Jimmy Fallon explained, Steve Buscemi is kind of a living viral video, anyway–which made for good conversation.
That’s how we get to see a befuddled Buscemi encounter some of the weirder online tributes paid to him. Kudos to Fallon for bringing out the eerie Steve Buscemi Eyes tattoo, too. That can’t be a comfortable thing to see.
Also, Steve gets to clear up a rumor that–to be fair–isn’t Jeopardy‘s fault. The meme just looks like a Jeopardy board. That’s how Jeopardy rumors get started…

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