NFL Next Gen Stats By Microsoft: Details, Photos & Videos

It’s been a big year for Microsoft with the launch of Windows 10, and if you’re a football fan Microsoft has got some awesome technology for both the NFL and the public that they will be rolling out at the Hall of Fame game this weekend.

Yesterday we got to sit down with Jeff Tran, Director of Sports and Alliances in the Windows & Devices Group at Microsoft and Todd Stevens, Executive Producer at Microsoft who outlined what we can expect from the NFL and Microsoft this upcoming season.

Remember those blue tablets you saw coaches using on the sidelines last year? Well now they have been upgraded from the Surface Pro 2 to the Surface Pro 3. This upgrade brings a bigger screen whilst also removing some weight and glare. The stock Surface Pro 3 has also been fitted with a rugged housing which can, literally, be thrown across the room with no damage. Did I mention it’s also water-proof (not water-resistant, but water-proof) and can withstand the most extreme temperatures the NFL has ever seen. A few other additional features are the 4 different colors for annotations and a blank whiteboard enabling coaches and staff to sketch plays on the fly. NFL referees will also begin using the Surface Pro 3 for instant replays rather than going to the ‘hood’.

Check out the video and photos below to see what you can expect for this upcoming season.

Unfortunately, all of the above is exclusive to the NFL.

So, what do the consumers get? Well, with the redesign of the NFL app users will be able to access live games, NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Now (24/7 stream of news & updates), NFL Films (archives) and RedZone right on their Xbox One or Windows 10 device.

To me, the most amazing features are what Microsoft are calling ‘Next Gen Stats’ and ‘Next Gen Replay’ – imagine a Madden-like view of the game with stats about the highlight and individual players. All of the players in the NFL this upcoming season will be fitted with microchips to measure their location on the field, speed and distance traveled. Once the highlights hit, they are automatically available on the NFL app with the ‘Next Gen’ features – yes, every single highlight. Within each highlight you will be able to see who was the fastest player in that replay and when/where he hit his top speed along with other statistics.

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