According to a New Study, The Key to a Better Orgasm is Actually Pretty Simple

A new study shows confirms everything women think about men.
According to an article that appeared in Evolutionary Psychological Science, men have better, longer orgasms when seeing a woman they don’t know. Charming!
The conclusion was formed after 23 heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 23 got some right hand loving every 48 hours for two weeks. According to Metro,

For the first six times, the participants watched videos with the same male and female getting it on, but in different scenarios each time to keep things from getting boring.

The men’s sperm count and volume stayed pretty much the same each time.

Then on the seventh session, the guys were treated to a video with the same male actor, but a new woman was on the scene.

Everyone basically lost their minds and came quicker, harder and stronger than all the times before.

Well daaaaaamn, this is important information.
Scientists have two theories for why this happened. One, if a woman has been sleeping with a guy for a while, it’s more likely her egg has been fertilized, and your body wants to move on. And two, the new partner has likely had sex with another guy not too long ago, evoking that competition gene that apparently gets dudes off.
While scientists aren’t endorsing casual sex – yeaaaaah ok – they are saying that couples with infertility issues should just watch a p0rno with a new woman, and your problems could be solved.
Talk about true romance!

[H/T: Metro]

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