White Street Brewing Company's White Street Kölsch Is What's On Tap!

For novice craft beer drinkers it can be difficult to find the beer that opens up the craft beer world. Try an IPA too early and the hoppy bitterness might turn you off from trying others; try a stout or a porter and the roasted coffee flavors might do the same. So what beer can be that gateway brew? This weekend I am enjoying one of the crispest, cleanest, and most drinkable craft beers on the market. This weekend White Street Brewing Company’s Kölsch is What’s on Tap!

Brewing out of Wake Forest, NC (about 25 minutes from Raleigh) White Street’s Kölsch made national craft beer news in 2014 when it won the gold medal from German-Style Kölsch at the 2014 World Beer Cup; needless to say this beer is fantastic. Kölsch’s aroma is a nice mix of grainy (bready) malt, some fruit (slightly citrus), and a touch of hops. But what I love the most is the slight honey sweetness on the frontend of each sip; it provides a welcomed subtle bit of flavor to the beer. The brew is a classic Kölsch-style, light, clean, crisp, refreshing, and not over-powering.

If you are looking to try a craft beer and do not know which one look no further than White Street’s Kölsch and if you are a craft beer drinker and you are looking for a drinkable brew, look no further than White Street’s Kölsch. Because of the beer’s drinkability it can be paired with almost anything. However, this weekend I am making homemade crab-claw rolls. The light crispness of the beer will pair nicely with the shellfish and with Kölsch only being 5.2% you can have a few both pre and post dinner!

Beer Stats

Style: German-Style Kölsch
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.2%
Bitterness (IBUs): 23
Color: Golden Yellow

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: N/A
Rate Beer: 40 -????

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