WATCH: Creepy Guy Sings to Fleshlight, Creates Awkward Video

You know that end scene in Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swayze and that chick no one really remembers dance to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life?” And everyone starts dancing with them, because their love for each other, the art of dance, and the summer is so strong?
Ok, you want to pretend like you didn’t see it? Fine. Here’s a refresher:


Stop singing and get yourself together.
The iconic movie scene is supposed to be powerful. They love each other – hooray! – and nothing – not the summer ending, not the ban on dance, not even Patrick Swayze’s ridiculously tight pants – is going to keep them apart.
Well YouTuber Luis J. Gomez had a similar feeling… with his fleshlight.
Nothing says bizarre act of affection like breaking into song. That, and a nice sloppy kiss onto something you just disposed your bodily fluids into – now that’s romantic.
Check out the hilarious video below… and never do this.

[H/T: Death + Taxes]

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